Cultivating Interests into Your Child

Every father wants their son to walk in their footsteps, and every mother is looking to build her daughter into an exceptional young lady. However, these things are not easy to do and getting those ideas and philosophies into their mind is a struggle in themselves. Many different elements go into culturing a child to grow up a certain way, and it takes the care of a diligent parent to make it possible. However, with an idea in mind for your kid, you can get the interests needed to make changes in their behavior and truly make them a passionate and ambitious individual.

Beth Manville Perkasie PAIntroducing these new interests into the mind of children is easy. Most kids will take almost anything as an interest at first, and will seek after it with diligence, at least for a time. The trick is to continue pursuing it with them in a way that will soak into their lifestyle. Most kids get bored with things very quickly, meaning that you will have to present it to them in a way that will continually be interesting, introducing new information about the same interest that will eventually stay as a permanent interest in their minds.

As they get older, these implanted interests will become something that they decide on their own, without need for stimulation or support. Many adults do this to ensure that their child becomes well-rounded and has hobbies that they can be passionate about. Beth Manville Perkasie PA does this with her daughter, Josie, by taking her on anthropology trips. The mom is a lawyer with a BA Degree and a passion for Anthropology. Her trip to Kenya with her daughter to see archeological sites will leave a seed that will continue to grow in Josie’s mind.


Traveling Abroad Safely – What You Can Do

Traveling to other countries is an adventure that shouldn’t be skipped. Being able to learn about different cultures first hand is something that everyone should be able to experience at least once in their life. While traveling to other countries is a thrilling undertaking, there are some crucial tips to help protect you from some worst-case scenarios.

Beth Manville Perkasie PA

Before you step on the airplane, you should enroll in STEP, the smart traveler enrollment program. The government initiative is designed to keep Americans safe while traveling abroad. The free service alerts you to travel warnings for a particular country and can better help you in case of an emergency. You should also email your itinerary to your family. This way they know where you should be and when without having to call and check up on you every day.

While we would all like to think our vacation will go smoothly, accidents can happen anywhere. Your home insurance may not cover you internationally, so you may want to get travel traveler’s insurance to be on the safe side. Be smart and stay on the right path. Avoid taking short cuts even if you have become comfortable with the new city. Finally, make sure you have the following emergency contact numbers stored in your phone:

  • The nearest US Embassy or Consulate
  • Local fire and police stations
  • Nearby medical center or hospital
  • Local cab company

Traveling abroad is a great experience and can be enjoyed without the worry of something disastrous happening if you keep alert of your surroundings and follow these few simple tips. For Beth Manville Perkasie PA, originally from Perkasie, PA, traveling internationally gives her the opportunity to experience different cultures and new food groups.

Beth Manville Perkasie PA – The Threat of Poverty

Nearly half of all children in the United States live in families that have incomes below the federal poverty level. That translates to more than sixteen million children whose families earn about twenty-three thousand, five thousand dollars annually, which is about half of what is required to meet the basic expenses for a family of four.

Beth Manville Perkasie PA

In many of these families, both parents are working. Even so, they have jobs where the wages are so low they struggle to make ends meet. These conditions have a severe impact on the development of the child, making it difficult for them to learn, and grow up to be contributing members of society. These poor conditions also contribute to social, emotional, and behavioral problems, as well as poor physical and mental health. Those children who experience deep and persistent poverty at an early age are at the greatest risk.

Research has repeatedly demonstrated that poverty is the greatest threat to the well-being of a developing child. Effective public policies can make a big difference. That would include better paying jobs for low-income parents, and the availability of high-quality early care and learning experiences for all children.

Beth Manville Perkasie PA is a lawyer who lives and works in Seattle, Washington. She has always specialized in child advocacy issues, and says that the law and children’s rights are among the things she is most passionate about in life. She was raised in Perkasie PA, attended the University of Washington School of Law, and received her law degree in 2005. She is the single mother of a seven year old girl named Josie.

Beth Manville Perkasie PA – Horse Gear

Horseback riding can be an expensive hobby, even for those who try to cut a few corners by not owning a horse of their own. Riding lessons don’t come cheap, and there seems to be a constant, ongoing list of gear that riders need to get the most out of the equine experience. All of it can make a serious dent in your pocketbook.

Good quality horse gear, like boots and riding helmets, can be found at tack shops or purchased from a catalog or online. The gear doesn’t always have to be brand new, of course; quality tack can be bought used from friends or at an auction. In fact a lot of people like to buy used gear because it has already been broken in. But you’re advised to examine used tack before making the purchase to make sure it isn’t worn out. Worn out gear can present serious safety issues.

Beth Manville Perkasie PA

While many stables provide basic gear needed for the horses, such as harnesses and saddles, a lot of people find it useful to buy their own, even if they don’t own the horse they use it on. A harness is something placed over the head of the horse when the animal isn’t being ridden. This gives you some control over him as he is led from, say, the pasture to the barn. Halters are distinguished from bridles, which is worn over the horse’s head during riding and has reins and a bit attached.

Beth Manville grew up riding horses in Perkasie PA. She also worked at a place called Green Valley Stables. She later worked on farms and ranches all over the West. Today she is a lawyer who still enjoys riding. She goes out now with her seven year old daughter, who is as enthusiastic about horses as her mother.